Aims & Objectives, Vision & Mission


  • Mobilize all private workers (teachers) and companies under one umbrella in Ghana
  • Educate and train workers to be active, dedicated, committed and serious with their work
  • Through workshops we will upgrade the skills of workers (teachers)
  • To develop private companies and promote the welfare of workers in the private companies
  • To educate and train workers purposely to grow private companies
  • To establish peace and unity among workers and employers
  • To educate workers and employers to be law abiding
  • To make private work a secured job for workers
  • To help private companies attain the level where they can pay workers well (Making private job lucrative)


  • Help workers to work effectively to meet the target of the employer
  • Make private job a secured occupation in the private companies
  • Help workers acquire or possess good attitude for work
  • Guide employers on how to pay entitlements for their workers according to the law


  • To help your worker (teacher) deliver effectively to grow your company (school).
  • To offer strategic planning and policies to grow your company (school).
  • To settle dispute among employer(Proprietor) and worker (Employee/ Teacher).
  • To offer capacity building program to upgrade skills of teachers to help give their best for the development of your company (school).
  • To psyche or educate workers (teachers) to be active, committed, dedicated and serious with all their duties in the school.


National Teacher Standards

The National Teachers Standard is the benchmark set for every teacher. It has 3 main domains and each has its own sub-domains

Continuous Professional Development

CPD is the process by which teachers maintain and enhance their knowledge, skills and experience on the job

Ghana Teacher Prize

Ghana Teacher Prize was formerly Ghana Best Teachers Award. NCOPST will guide teachers towards winning the best Teacher prize in Ghana

NCOPST Access course for university

NCOPST ACCESS is a special Programme for all untrained private school teachers which enable them to further Education to pursue Educational Programmes

Teacher license

Register and acquire Teacher License from your district. NCOPST is organising Nationwide Teacher License Registration for both Untrained and trained Teachers

STEM Education

NCOPST has facilitators for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In that regard training for schools around Ghana has started by NCOPST. Contact us to be part

Private Teachers Fund

Private Teachers Fund was created purposely to support the Education of private school teachers financially

Monthly Training for Teachers

This Training is designed for all Untrained private school teachers to qualify for temperary Teacher License and have a CPD portfolio

Entrepreneurship and digital skills training

This programme is really important for Teachers because it gives skills and beneficiaries are given the opportunity to raise funds to work and gain extra income in addition to the salaries they get from school

Online Management System for Private Schools

The Executives of Private School Teachers Association of Ghana have taken the bold initiative to help schools build virtual learning system to run their schools online. This online system will help schools to in session during and after the pandemic. The system will enable teachers to teach using text, video, audio, graphical images and livestreaming. Teachers can give notes and assignments such exercise, homework, project work multiple choice questions and many more.



Meeting with MOE on stimulus package


NCOPST meeting with National
Schools Inspectorate Authority


NTC trained 40 NCOPST Members
as Master Trainers


NCOPST Meeting with NaCCA


NCOPST in collaboration with NTC
trained 800 private school teachers